Managing an Instagram Contest Successfully

Getting maximum exposure is usually one of the main goals in marketing. One of the most effective ways of achieving this on Instagram is through running campaigns and contests. Contests may have many other goals in addition to just increasing the size of the audience. These may include crowd-sourcing, creating ads and launching products among others. Similar results can also be observed when a marketer uses free instagram followers or free instagram likes.

The steps to follow in order to run a contest on Instagram successfully are discussed below. They cover everything from the planning stage to managing the whole event.

  • Set your goals

The very first step would be to outline all the objectives. The objectives may be anything like getting more followers, driving a product’s awareness or increasing the equity of a brand on social channels. Whatever the goal is, make sure you outline it clearly.

  • Define the metrics

The options usually availed to companies are follower growth of the account, total number of engagements, the rate of engagement, unique participants and the potential impressions.

  • Hashtags

The next step would be choosing a unique hashtag. The hashtag should be specific so as to avoid any submissions that are involuntary and to filter out any unwanted noise. Choose a hashtag that is short to minimize chances of any mistakes. You can also use a combination if it seems fit. You can popularize the hashtags by using free instagram followers or free instagram likes.

  • Pick a method for selecting winners

The typical policies of rewarding in video and photo contests are;

  1. Everybody wins. The prize, if any, is shared among all participants
  2. The community on Instagram elects a winner. The most liked photos get to win
  3. The winner is elected by the brand.

The third option is usually a favorite as it prevents any form of cheating and control of brand image is maintained.

  • Set rules for the participants

There rules might be set with the idea of making the process convenient, protecting customers or any other reason. The rules must contain description of the contest, eligibility, criteria for selection, contents that are prohibited and the period for submissions. You can also define rights over republishing.

  • Going live

Maximize the reach of the contest by promoting it on feeds and other properties. Publicizing an image with information about the contest may work best. You can use free instagram followers or free instagram likes to help with publicizing.

  • Support

Now that the contest is live, you must post regular updates containing fresh news. For example, you can create a photo grid that contains all the submissions already approved.

  • Follow ups

As soon as the contest ends, make an extra effort to follow up, particularly for the participants. You can probably send out messages to show your gratitude to them for participating.

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